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We represent clients in all facets of the litigation process, beginning with advising clients on what action to take prior to the commencement of a litigation proceeding, from the filing of a civil suit through trial and in any appeal that follows a final verdict.

Civil Litigation areas include:

  • commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes
  • evictions
  • foreclosures
  • actions to quiet title
  • construction law disputes
  • premises liability
  • trespass claims
  • real property damage claims
  • real estate contracts and disputes
  • consumer fraud claims
  • tax sale cases
  • other commercial and residential real estate matters

Transactional areas include:

  • drafting and reviewing commercial and residential leases
  • condominium conversions

We represent clients in collecting debts and otherwise using the legal process to seize assets in satisfaction of claims and monies owed to our clients. This ranges from the initiation of pre-judgment remedies such as Court-ordered attachments and preliminary injunctions, through post-judgment collection actions. We advise clients as to their rights when debtors hide or fraudulently convey assets to avoid payment of debts and judgments.

Collection and Seizure of Assets include:

  • recording judgments
  • domesticating foreign judgments
  • research and investigation of debtor's assets
  • wage garnishment
  • bank account garnishment
  • real property liens
  • real and personal property siezures and forced sales

4504 Walsh Street, Ste. 200, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 *Tel (202) 601-7100


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